How do customers benefit from our Nordic culture and ways of working?

Nordic culture is known for equality, fairness and transparency. The cultural elements are fuelled by freedom and constructed by responsibility. Nordic people are rather punctual and build collaboration based on trust. Independency plays a significant role in Nordic culture, but not on the cost of caring. It is a common responsibility to care for each other and what can be achieved together.

Our values reflect our Nordic roots. In everything we do at Nieve, we live up to Nordic quality and reliability because we believe in this way we can create the best value for our customers. Let me explain why.

Trust built on rock-solid competence and transparency

We put a great effort in finding and attracting software developers who are experienced, committed and independent. All our experts have a demonstrated track record in building modern digital solutions. And when the competence level is high and all team members work to create the best value, there is a solid base for trust. This is also why we trust our experts to know what solutions best deliver customer value.

Equally important for obtaining trust is transparency. When working with us, our customers can be sure we focus our time on producing actual solutions instead of extensive planning and meeting activities. We make sure our customers are always up to date about where we are at, how it is going, and what value we have delivered. Thus, our customers will not face any negative surprises.

Freedom for high-value outcomes

Our Nordic way of working means low hierarchies to remove unnecessary friction in decision-making. As said, our experts have the freedom of determining the best solution with customers. Unnecessary decision-making layers would only mean unnecessary hinders and overhead costs for customers. Simultaneously, our experts could feel their hands are tied and competencies undervalued. Hence, unnecessary friction is strictly avoided at Nieve. We are professionals of agile software development, and with high autonomy and freedom, our experts can deliver the best value.

Caring makes us more competent and happy

One of our core values is caring. We believe that when we care about our experts’ professional growth and sense of belongingness, they are more engaged and motivated in solving intriguing customer problems. Thus, high ambition, appreciation and support leads to better outcomes for all. Our people get support in upskilling, project work and career development. In that way our customers always get up to date skills and competences.

Work we can be proud of

While we value fun at work, freedom and independence, we take our work seriously. This means we at Nieve approach each customer challenge as our own and find digital solutions that best serve the actual needs. We pay attention to understanding the business needs instead of jumping to conclusions too hastily. We do not want to be those who fix symptoms. We fix causes and do not compromise in quality.

We also identify where our limits are. No overpromising. If our customers need some kind of digital expertise we do not have or are not the best at, we reach out to our friends in Fusion Ecosystem. There we have over 30 future-building companies, whose digital expertise we can leverage for our customers’ best.

Mikaela Nyman
by Mikaela Nyman
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